please help a newbie out guys... [Character Creation]

hi guys,

i am a total newbie to unreal and am in the process of learning as much as i can about developing on the engine,i am just hoping you guys can help me out.

now i know this probably sounds totally stupid to most of you experienced guys but i want to develop an original 2d platformer,now i know i can build the envoirnment totally in unreal,but im just wondering about characters.

how do i build 2d animated characters,is it something i need to do in photoshop,and do i need to start the characters from scratch and draw them,or are there sites i can visit which have free characters to use in games on offer??

i have watched loads of youtube videos and searched google but still cant seem to figure out how i go about sorting out characters,i have got to grasp with envoirnments,but not characters.

any help would be much appreciated as at the moment it feels like i have hit a brick wall,and i really dont want to give up as im starting to feel that maybe i cant do it.

thanks guys for any help.

Yes you need to do it in an image editing app. Check out the free example stuff on the marketplace. See how they did it and recreate that using your idea.

You need to either make the sprites yourself or you need to find some placeholders. I usually go to if I want a placeholder sprite or texture.

Don’t give up! You can definitely pull it off in Unreal. In fact, Unreal 4 has a built in 2D side scroller template to help get you started.

2D characters work a bit differently than 3D, as their animations are usually created frame-by-frame using sprite sheets. Generally you would want to create each frame of the animation on a separate layer in Photoshop, and then organize them into a grid like this. Once you’ve got some good images to work with, this tutorial should help you go about getting them to show up in-game.