PLEASE HELP! 3 games won't run, all have same issue, and the unifying trait is all use Unreal Engine

So over the last few months I’ve picked up Fortnite, Deeprock Galactic, and Astroneer. Each game runs, i can hear the audio and in the case of Deeprock i can hear footsteps when i use WASD. However the screen won’t update unless i click out of the window then back into the game or alt+tabbing. doing this i’m able to navigate to the settings and try out various options to no effect.

I have a Radeon 390x with the latest drivers, windows 10 64bit, and i do use dual monitors and have tried switching to just one and the problem persists.

if this isn’t where i should post this please tell me where i should seek better help.

i have also made a reddit post in the PCMasterRace subreddit