Please have the 'invert mouse pan' be the default

This one tiny thing wastes 10 seconds of everybody I know that uses UE4 every time before they start a new project :).

Every 3d app out there has the mouse pan function as it would if you invert it unreal. Why is it not inverted by default.


Are you talking about holding middle mouse and dragging?

yes that is the one

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I’ve been scouring the config files looking for the setting to fix this permanently as well. Can’t seem to find it.

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I tried to fix a bunch of the editor settings to actually be saved in the editor settings instead of the editor per project settings however it didn’t get approved , see . As for the variable you are looking for it is stored in EditorPerProjectUserSettings.ini under [/Script/UnrealEd.LevelEditorViewportSettings] as bInvertMiddleMousePan=True. I hope that helps. Cheers,

Hey thanks will look into it, the option not being default is very annoying.

Anyway didn’t know someone would dig this post up from a year back :).

completely agree, its a small thing but really annoying. I don’t understand why the editor settings get reset every new project (even after clicking set as default), considering there are project settings.
fix please.

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The only solution I’ve been able to find is the following:

Open Unreal\UE_4.26\Engine\Config\BaseEditorPerProjectUserSettings.ini and set “bInvertMiddleMousePan=True”

Obviously you have to change it for every version of the engine you have installed!

This has been going on for years. Please fix this by simply forcing the option by default.

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hahaha wow I never imagined this thread to re-surface. I think the community is perplexingly split on this matter when in fact almost all 3d software navigations I have ever used have this by default behave it does.

I too found this extremely counter intuitive. Why would backward panning be the default?