Please give some attention to this issue. Listen server mode has jittery movement/animations

Hello Epic staff,

I would like to voice my frustration regarding this issue, it has been backlogged for far too long now and there are many many forum/answerhub/reddit posts related to this issue in some way.

To sum the issue, basically in listen server mode the server views all the clients with jittery movement and animations, the problem gets very obvious when you use simulated latency and slomo.
The clients themselves do not experience this problem, just the listen server.

Please don’t ignore an issue like this! thanks for your understanding.

I guess that Epic won’t update anything in the current movement system now. They put effort into the new Network Prediction things.

There’s very nice Readme here

As we can read here, the movement system is gonna be refactored. And for this reason, the current model might not receive any substantial updates. Like with any system that Epic considers “old and to be replaced”.