Please get rid of the .99 thing...

A round number is perfectly fine, and since paying is electronic, it’s better than having pennies left around…

I just post this to register my request because it appears someone removed the other thread with the poll. I don’t know if that was Epic or a moderator, but removing threads seems poor form.

Don’t worry, the original thread was actually deleted by the person who started the thread and not by Epic / One of the moderator team :slight_smile: Epic listens to all feedback; Positive and negative :slight_smile:

I don’t have to prove anything, but just in case:

Last thread was deleted by creator and I can only assume the reason.
But honestly I’m pretty sure that the reason is derailing from topic and trying to convert professional thread into kindergarten dispute.

I understand you’ve experienced forums where Stuff deletes topics with negative feedback and you’ve expected same thing here at certain level of heat, but it’s not how things works here. Negative feedback is very important part of development process and no one is going to take away it from you! Forums are for debates after all :slight_smile:

However, I strongly recommend you to refrain from useless drama posts, which serve no purpose at all except derailing thread from original theme.

The thread was removed by the OP.

I have (once again) removed irrelevant posts or flame / troll bait. If people continue to argue about this then nobody with a valid point to make will be heard, and subsequently nothing will be changed if it needs to be.

Forum Rules <- I encourage repeat offenders (you know who you are) to read rule #2 more thoroughly, if you wish to continue to voice your opinions on the forums.

Paranoia/cynicism aside, I would highly recommend removing that power from non-moderators. On one of the other forums I frequent, thread deletions aren’t a user power; users would have to formally request it from the mod staff, and in general it is rarely if ever done. Threads can be merged, moved, locked, or temporarily pulled into a private moderator forum (with an announcement to that effect) to allow very contentious threads to be reviewed for infractions, or to let them cool off for awhile, but rarely are they ever deleted. Spambot threads are the main exception, and sometimes not even those (to let users have some fun by mocking the defused post). Works pretty well.

Anyway, what with preparation for GDC going on at Epic, I now have no idea whether the relevant Epic staff even saw my feedback (I moved it from the original 4.7 thread to the one that has now been deleted, in order to help keep the 4.7 thread on target), so now I’m left trying to decide whether to post it again.

Eh, third time’s the charm? Made some alterations and elaborated while I’m at it…

, speaking as a fellow user (I’m not a mod) if you really wish to have that discussion, do you mind making a new thread for it rather than derailing this thread? I’d really rather this thread didn’t get locked.

I’d like to remind everyone that posting private conversations between yourself and the moderation team / Team members at Epic without permission is a breach of the “Code of Conduct" of the Unreal Engine 4 forums”.

And now… Let’s back on-topic :stuck_out_tongue:

Aetherdyn, your now repeated three times post, is spot on.

Hey all, I just wanted to verify that it is absolutely not our policy to delete difficult threads or any sort of negative feedback. We want to know the places we can improve and make Unreal Engine and it’s many parts the best it can possibly be for our community. Feedback is how we grow and how we do right by you, our developers.

We certainly encourage open discussion and healthy debate and will do whatever we can to preserve that spirit in the threads of these forums. It is because of that we the rules of respect and professionalism for the members of our community to uphold, and appreciate your assistance in keeping them upheld.

The thread in question was, in fact, deleted by the original poster due to the level of heat the debate had risen to. I apologize that we could not diffuse the situation more quickly in order to save the important feedback in the exchange, but we appreciate you taking the time to reiterate.


For what it’s worth I deleted the last thread for 2 reasons:

  1. my concern was addressed
  2. it became a soapbox for people to complain about issues that had nothing to do with the original thread.

If you were subscribed to the original thread then you would have received my closing comment. At the risk of adding fuel to this thread and pulling it off topic I’ll post it again but only because I think it will answer some of your concerns. My concern was that I liked the simplicity of whole numbers and I thought the new pricing model was a step in the wrong direction. I changed my mind when it was pointed out that it isn’t just dollars. $10 is about 8.9 euros so you’re never going to get whole numbers and trying to fight for it in USD is a little selfish.

In response to the concerns about the Marketplace keep in mind it’s very new and the addition of the webbrower MarketPlace goes a long way with ratings and POC’s. I’ve spent about $200 on Market place content and with one exception I think the pricing is very fair. I returned an item to the Market place because the description said it had 3 Lod but it only had 2. I received an email from the seller 2 hours later apologizing for the mix up and explaining why Epic decided to remove the 3rd LOD(mipmaps). A couple hours later I received an email from Epic confirming the refund. To me, that is incredibly fast customer service. I realize that might not be the case for everyone but in all my dealings with Epic I’ve never felt like they didn’t care or that I wasn’t a big enough dev team to matter.

I’ve only been here a year but I’ve also never seen Epic shy away or ignore an issue from the community. The foliage overhaul in 4.7 is a testament to that. If you have an issue or a concern I strongly recommend you take it up with Epic the right way. Make a thread about that specific issue and be patient. I know I sound like the biggest Epic yuppy but I feel like i should share my experience with UE4 and Epic for no other reason than to address some of your concerns with real world experiences. The $9.99 market structure is pretty standard and I think Epic more than makes up for it $5 million in grants to indie devs. As a hopeful game developer that is a very inspiring commitment to the community. Please don’t take this as an attack I just wanted to share my personal experience on the matter.

I personally prefer the rounded numbers. Maybe adding a poll to this thread will give a good idea how the community feels about it as a whole.

I had a poll on the last one and it was a little less than 70% wanted round numbers but the problem is it isn’t just USD.

Good point, hadn’t thought of that.

The 99 cent thing does not bother me.

Bit tacky to see 99 cents billboard from top to bottom as it screams marketing flimflam.

At least break it up a bit here and there.

That exchange rate issue is a good observation, so let’s dissect it…

First, I think intent matters. Ending up with non-round numbers in some currencies merely because that’s how the exchange rate math works out is ethically neutral. Deliberately choosing non-round numbers in order to manipulate people is not. I don’t think the former is selfish at all, but for the sake of argument, is it not better to be “selfish” by being honest with as many people as feasible, than to be “unselfish” by manipulating everyone equally?

Either way, as you say, getting non-round numbers out of currency conversion is unavoidable. At least, it is unavoidable if that’s the only thing determining foreign prices.

Which leads to the second point: I don’t think pure currency conversion is actually how they get prices in other currencies. In fact, that can’t be the method if Jon was correct in stating that other currencies will have the equivalent of 99 cent pricing. With pure currency conversion, the local version of 99 cents would happen only by coincidence, just like round units. And even when it did happen, it wouldn’t happen for every currency simultaneously.

Example: My hypothetical $70 product is – by pure exchange rate – €62.52, 4308.85 Rubles, 466.49 Kroner, or 1046.16 Pesos. Dropping it to $69.99 doesn’t magically end up with the equivalent elsewhere. It becomes €62.51, 4308.23 Rubles, 466.42 Kroner, and 1046.01 Pesos. Not a single one of these is the local version of 99 cent pricing, so if Marketplace is to have that in each currency, the resulting price must be modified further.

In order to get any currency to its version of 99 cents, by definition you first have to know which round number in that currency you want it to be below. Then you go out of your way to do the analogue of subtract-a-penny. There are various ways you could get the round numbers (including picking them arbitrarily), but however you get to them, this means that there’s absolutely no reason we couldn’t have round numbers across the board. You simply stop before the last step.

Based on my example, under the new system the price would most likely be rounded to something like €63 before becoming €62.99. There’s no reason you couldn’t just stop once you get €63. Yes, €63 is more than €62.51, but so is €62.99. If that’s a problem, though, it’s not strictly necessary to round after applying the exchange rate … you could just truncate instead to get an integer. Thus you take €62.51 and get €62 (or €61.99). You probably want the system to have a minimum price, though.

So I don’t think this is actually an issue. Even if it were an issue, though, getting one price to be reasonable is better than zero prices IMO.

The thing about psychological pricing is it’s inelegant and unsophisticated.

If I say “Crab Cakes — 7”, and then I say “NEW! Crab Cakes ONLY $6.99!” you can picture which kind of restaurant you’re sitting in for each statement… and the latter is not the kind of place you’d take someone on a date.

I think it’s fairly telling that Epic doesn’t charge “$18.99/mo” for a UE4 subscription, but “$19”. Elegance counts for a lot.

Just because something is a penny less and the people know it’s £18 - 1, Subconsciously, They take it in as £17 and some change. Even if they know that’s not the case. It’s how the mind work. Companies have been around a LOT longer then you and I; So you’ve got to wonder why the they still do it?.. Because it works :wink:

Also, A lot of e-stores on the Internet are trying to feel like a brick and mortar shop but on the web. Emulating their pricing structure subconsciously makes you value the virtual item on the same scale as a real-life item.

Trust me, Companies don’t do this just to be an inconvenience. There are a whole multitude of reasons. And is it a bad thing?

You get your items for a penny less and their products have “Value” behind them, Where you value the digital item as if it were something you could physically touch and hold. :>

They take $19 instead of $20 for a reason, it is the same thing :stuck_out_tongue:

I think those in support of rounded prices make a far better argument than those who support the .99 cent marketing scam.

How can it literally being cheaper be a scam? 0.0