Please, for the love of god, allow me to revert from within the engine's "Submit Files" popup

We’re using Perforce for our project, but I think this issue is just as applicable for people using SVN, Git, etc for their source control / version control.

Please, Unreal Engine Coders, give me the ability to revert / checkin files from within the ‘Submit Files’ menu.

For instance, if I do a diff on 3 of the 4 files in the image below, it shows “no changes”.

Other times, I’ll make a small change to a file, such as moving a blueprint node around, and I do not want to submit/commit that change to the repo.

So please just give me the option to right click on a file revert it, the same way I can revert from within the Content Browser.

I’ll be eternally grateful. Thanks.