Please fix your authentication process.

I’ve been unable to access Unreal Engine for a bit over a week due to the fact that your internal process does not result in me ever getting a security code. My e-mail has not changed, my password has not changed, my settings have not changed. No e-mail with a security code to complete the process is ever sent. It makes me glad I’ve only spent a small amount of money in the marketplace. I could have been working on a project over the past few days, instead I’ve been dealing with this.

To preempt any of the usual ridiculousness; No, they aren’t going to my junkmail folder, no they aren’t being blocked in any way by myself or my ISP. in fact any e-mail from epic/unreal is whitelisted and automatically flagged as a priority.

Also this is a throwaway account I made so I could get in here.

Please fix your shit. Thanks.


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