please fix viewport navigation

in Cinema4D, 3Ds Max, Maya and Stingray navigation is standart:

alt+LMB = orbit around mouse CURSOR!!! (not clicking “F” all the time, not around some unknown point in space, not trying to look at same point while pressing AWSD, its around mouse CURSOR!) suppose I have giant space ship (single object) and I want to orbit around specific point on it, how would I do it? In Cinema4D I point mouse cursor at that point and in an instance I can look at that point from a different prospective. Same in 3Ds Max and Maya, but it takes forever to do the same in unreal…

Some users use reversed orbit. It means not reversing X or Y it means reversing both! See how reversing orbit works in Cinema4D and other applications

alt+RMB = zoom, but it MUST depend on distance from camera to cursor (point on surface where cursor points) why do I have to change speed all the time?

alt+MMB = pan. Same as zoom it MUST depend on distance from camera to cursor

It’s a nightmare to work in Cinema4D, Max or Maya simultaneously with Unreal engine or any other game engine except Stingray if viewport navigation is different. Please please please fix it!

It’s not really broken, it just works differently, just like how pretty much every 3D program does navigation differently, it was only recently that Autodesk added the option to use Maya navigation shortcuts to 3ds Max, but that’s because they own both programs.

While I cannot make any sort of promise this is a change that will happen, I appreciate your feedback!




Yeah, that would be wonderful, are there any news on this subject?

I also come from c4d and now blender, in both softwares I use this orbit / zoom around mouse cursor feature, it is so much nicer to navigate and work in the 3D Space. It would also be very nice if we could zoom with mouse movement rather then with the mouse wheel in orthograpic views. It is not intuitiv at all at the moment. I wonder how everyone is comfortable for so long with the navigation right now.

Is this feature in devlopment?

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