please fix runtime error r6025 - pure virtual function call

please fix runtime error


r6025 - pure virtual function call

epic please let me know if this error is due to bugs in 4.13 iv have never got this error before until using 4.13 version

i have reinstalled everything iv got installed on my pc but not windows 10 and keep getting it r6025 - pure virtual function call

no other programs on my pc play up and are working fine but epic unreal engine only

all other versions before 4.13 work fine

any advise of help to fine a fix ?

seams to happen when using event graphs

Hi dragonwaredna.

I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue, but runtime errors aren’t usually the fault of the engine itself. From Google:

“A runtime error R6025 could occur when there is an error with the Visual C++ framework. … A runtime error R6025 is often the cause of registry errors. Since the registry is a computer’s central database for options and settings, problems in the registry may cause programs to run abnormally.”

You may want to look into updating or repairing your Visual C++ framework.

Good luck.

hi cheers for getting back its ok now iv solved it now it was an msi program running in the background called nahimic for msi laptops makes it unreal engine crash so iv now disabled nahimic program and since got no problems now :slight_smile:

i just got this myself… when integrating eos into my game.

more specifically a pure virtual call.

but unsure of the actual cause, maybe an error in a dll, maybe an error loading the dll.