Please Fix Password retention in Launcher.

Ok this is annoying. every time for any reason if the Launcher becomes disconnected from the internet while open. the Password retention is lost. If you are like me and you use long complex passwords this is a big pain in the *** and it defeats the purpose of having the remember password box.

I don’t have that issue on the launcher, but it happens periodically on the forums for me even though I check remember me.

I have the exact same problem, and it drives me crazy, the little check box being turned on that says “Remember Me” just adds insult to injury, since it never remembers.

same here

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+1 on this, is annoying as hell. Even more so because it seems more and more common that there are problems with the epic servers. And while you are at it, please quit making the launcher take focus… I load a project, I don’t need the launcher popping back up in front of it.