Please fix navmeshing with streaming levels

I just spent hours trying to figure out why my AI wasn’t working on a streaming level. Let me start by saying that I have a black persistent level with a particle emitter(I use it for my animated loading screen). Attached to that, I put the actual level. The streaming in/out works great and all, but I was having a hell of a time figuring out why the AI refused to work. If I opened the regular copy of the non-streamed level, it ran fine. The minute I’d try in the regular level, it wouldn’t do anything at all. I debugged all of it’s BT/EQS, it looked like it was doing what it was supposed to, but it wouldn’t move at all. I was kind of not thinking straight and should have immediately tried a move to command to see if it spit out an error.

Anyways, it turns out that the blank persistent level was overwriting the navdata. To get around this annoying bug or horrible design choice, I had to disable auto generation of the navmesh; in the editor settings. In the persistent level, I placed a nav cube in just so that it had something. From there, I had to go into the actual level (the one to be streamed), build it’s nav data, save it. Then I had to open a completely unrelated level, reopen the persistent level and finally hit play…

I mean don’t get me wrong, I understand what it’s trying to do and how level streaming is supposed to work. It’s just that as of right now, there isn’t much of an option if you want to have a real-time loading screen; without having to get your hands wet with a bunch of hacky c++.