please fix adjoining landscape problem

I have a landscape,ive already shaped rivers and added a lot of foliage to it. I want to put in a mountain next to it where the rivers will flow from it with waterfalls
but every time I add the landscape next to it. its a little higher than original.
please fix this problem, I think there should be some option to make seems match

Thats normal, not sure why, with world comp adjoining terrains.

Just use your, carefully if needed, flat tool and flattten where you want.

Tried to visualize what you were doing, if thats not it, please attach pic or such.

I know of this, because I’ve had to do the same thing to varying degree for desired terrain contours.

well only way to shape my mountain next to it and river landscape I have to add adjoining landscape. which I do but after new one is higher and the seems don’t match.
It lets me shape both landscapes at the same time but when I try to smooth them together the new one is still higher and theres a big gap.
im just going to move my rivers somewhere else as a work around.
I really think wc needs this added… every landscape that you add next to another one. seems should line up and you should be able to sculpt them automatically

I don’t think they are ever going to, the wc code hasn’t been touched in a long time , or so I/m told, if true and Im rather sure it is, you just have to get used to flattening things where you need, and not where you don’t. It should work well once you get used to it.

Also are all terrains in question the same sizes ? If not the stiching won’t work it seems.

Sorry I don’t have better news, but at the very least its manageable, maybe if true,why they aren’t updating that part of ue4 :wink:

GOod LUck, look fwd to seeing what you’re doing

Also , are you also having inconsistent lighting, I sure am but then my terrains are heavily sculpted and using atm only sandrock so it may be my terrain just isn’t detailed enough.

I suspect lighting issues 'may’go away with raytracing everywhere but my rig isn’t yet up to that,.

I never build lighting because im too busy doing other things like making models,rocks,trees,plants etc
I like to make my own stuff which takes a long time :frowning:
im currently working on a bp for a door, yeah seems simple right?
but im very big on realism and I want my character to stand at the door,walk to specific spot,animation to turn door knob,door opens
this really is a lot of work. closing it I might just be lazy and just press key with no anim to let it close :stuck_out_tongue:
im going to play with the new sun compass after this :slight_smile:
are you making an open world game too??

oh I forgot check if door is locked too! whew! a lot! lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup I am, WC is annoying, making lighting ‘realism’ a sad waste of time, but many are saying similar things,I may be missing something not sure, but lighting a 5101x5101 terrain, and thats just ONE of my 4 WC tiled world, is a endless job filled with stress.

ONe area of that terrain looks nice, yet other areas on same terrain look FLAT and DULL because the light isn’t shinning right there, and I do have EXP fog there,so its a nightmare getting GOOD lighting when you’re rig is insufficient for raytracing &/or you aren;t able at MINimum to be using a RTX 2060,getting there but no.

if you check out the open world kite demo. I think the landscapes look really good!
I haven’t been able to look at it because I think it says you need c++ or something

Its not that it requires c++ but it allegedly it takes quite a system to unpack all the data and to display the huge WC world. My project is holding up as you can see, I’m a bit of a perfectionist so its not 100% as I wish, but then without a more powerful rig thats not going to happen…I imagine that demo was made with raytracing . I won’t look at it until I upgrade, then sure I look forward to it ;))

if you don’t have a very powerful rig pc. why don’t you try making something like low poly
ive seen some cool pictures on the internet of people making projects low poly

My system is fine with the project I’m using, low poly is not my target but I’m not ruling it out. I’m going for realism, and atm I have no pressing need for raytracing,not yet anyway.