Please finish this TODO memo

In SkinnedMeshComponent.h there is a definition that reads:

    /** Enable on screen debugging of update rate optimization.
     * Red = Skipping 0 frames, Green = skipping 1 frame, Blue = skipping 2 frames, black = skipping more than 2 frames.
     * @todo: turn this into a console command. */
    UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere, AdvancedDisplay, BlueprintReadWrite, Category=Optimization)
    uint8 bDisplayDebugUpdateRateOptimizations:1;

Please finish that for the next update. The constant output at the top of the screen is really annoying and theres a new line added for every character in the scene
And yes I know I can turn off all screen updates, but that’s not what I want

Is there any update on this? Am I the only one who sees these messages and gets his screen flooded with them? I mean this is a MAJOR problem during development, I can’t imagine I am the only one who notices this

Looking into seeing if we can get this item done!