Please expand the Editor Scripting tools

The editor scripting tools can be really useful, but the function set is still pretty limited. For example:

  • I can Set Level Viewport Camera Info, but there is no way to specify which pane to affect - so when e.g. using a 3-pane layout, it will always affect the bottom one and there is no way to change it. I’ve tried using it to fix this issue.

  • There is no way to use Merge Actors on specified actors, since it accepts only Static Mesh Actors. There is a feature request for that already:…tors-tool-does
    It would be really nice if we could use the regular Merge Actors (that accepts blueprint actors, etc.) from editor scripts.

  • There is no way to run “Create Static Mesh” of specified Procedural Mesh Component from the scripts. We still need to manually select a component and click the button.

  • All the editor actions like Snap View To Object, Focus on Actor, etc. are unavailable.