Please epid i have a problem with blueprint hud and i really need to solve it.
I’v made this video, I really need to figure out how to fix this, i need to show it to a costumer in 2 days time .

The first thing to try in cases like this, is to either go into debug modus or use a Print String node to see if it will be executed as you would expect. The problem could also very well be in your macro which you didn’t show in your video.

Note, that the AnswerHub is the preferred site to post your problems. The forums are primarily for general discussion.

Thanks for answering, I will check what you suggested, Here is the blueprint structure :

This is the main graph :


And this is what inside the Macro from the video :


This is the same macro duplicated, and in that macro there are more macros ( Supposed to support up to 100 pictures/objects ) :


And in each one of them there is this :


And inside of this one we finally have this :


In the last picture i have some extra node which for some reason it wont work well without it, probably a bug or something…

This is the graph with the variables :


The “Number Of Object” Int variable starts with the value of : 99 .

Btw i’v tried to reassemble something similar only from 2 “Draw Texture” nodes which is next to each other and still the same problem, can anyone try to make 2 “Draw Texture” nodes to update in realtime ? cus the first time as you see is good but all the rest are not responding for anynode but the first .

Print String is your friend. Put all your critical inputs into it one by one and ensure they are all working as expected. Eventually you will find where it works and where it doesn’t and that should tell you what is broken.

I’v already checked it and they are all working fine, they are malfunctioning only when i put more then one on the same time.

[QUOTE=Sahkan;56913]’v made this video, I really need to figure out how to fix this, i need to show it to a costumer in 2 days time .

Hey Sahkan,

I’ve been in your shoes before and it’s a scary place to be but stay positive and you’ll get through this. I’m a little tied up working on my game as well but I want to help you out if I can. It doesn’t look like what you are trying to do is too complex so lets talk about it and see if we can come up with a solution to your problem :smiley:

Okay, so I had a little bit of a problem understanding what the problem you are having is but it seems like you are trying to render the material of each one of your actors on the HUD in a specific column. Is that correct? Now also, are you trying to call that macro those two times on the Sequence Node to render the same material associated with your actor (the one you pick) to column 1 and column 2 defined by your NewParam or were you trying to achieve something else?

Thanks for helping :slight_smile: .
Each one of the actors in the scene as an editable public texture2d, every time i pick that actor, it’s Destroy event is adding the actors’s texture to an array of textures which is stored on the HUD class .
In the HUD class, there are 100 “Draw Texture” nodes ( Macro inside of macros… ) that works simultaneously and shows each a certain texture from the textures array .

node 1 is showing : textures_array[1],node 2 is showing : textures_array[2],node 3 is showing : textures_array[3] etc… .

The player will see only what it picks because until the texture is added to the array the array is empty, if i would for example told all the DrawTextures node to draw Textures_array[1] then right after i pick 1 actor i would see it’s texture multiple times all over the column .

So if i put 2 macros ( 2 columns ), it will render 200 textures simultaneously .

Is it good till now ? is the fact that it draws so many simultaneously could be the problem ?

I’v solved it ! thank you so much MC Stryker while i was typing to you it got an idea into my head, this is only a matter of some extra math and i don’t even need more then one copy of this macro XD

Hahaha… That is awesome Sahkan! :smiley:

You gotta love it when that happens and everything falls together in the end. It’s crazy because a lot of times, this usually happens right at the last second. Well good luck with your demo for your client and with the future of your project. Take Care!

Hehe yeah, Thanks :slight_smile: