Please Epic fix your engine

I’m not a developer, I’m a mere gaming consumer who came here begging for the Epic to optimize his engine Unreal 4.
Look their titles: Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, ARK: Survival Evolved, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, Squad, and now Insurgency Sandstorm.
They are all great games but are so poorly optimized that they are unplayable for those who do not have a GTX 1080.

Please optimize your engine. Not everyone is willing to buy a new PC just to play 3 or 4 games.

I would normally delete posts that aren’t related to the engine development, but this is hilarious. Those games are just badly optimized by the developers, it’s not an engine issue, there’s plenty of UE4 games that run well. The version of UE4 that is running Fortnite is available to everyone (and that runs on Switch)

It’s the game developers fault, they didn’t optimize their games properly.
UE4 is (for the most part) highly performant, usually it’s the game that gets programmed on top of the engine that’s responsible for bad performance.

As an analogy, a Ferrari car engine might be incredibly fast. But if you don’t properly build a car around the engine (bad gear transmission ratio, low-quality axis, no oiling, etc) the car most likely will run like garbage, if at all. And that’s nothing the Ferrari engine manufacturer can fix, it’s up to the car manufacturer to optimize their car so it runs well with the car engine.


Tekken 7 runs smoothly and looks splendid…

PUBG is just awful, it’s like they’ve taken all the things that are awful on the Arma engine (pretty much everything) and copy pasted them into UE4. Including those terrible building models.

Well this thread won’t lead anywhere…

OP, I suggest you inform yourself better. Take it up with the developers of those games, optimization is their responsibility and UE4 is plenty capable of it.