Please Epic, do something about that "rigged to epic skeleton" thing on the MP

Hi Epic,

I’ve bought hundreds of items on the MP and i notice more and more that, for humanoid characters, every seller is advertising they’re rigged to the epic skeleton while they are not.

Or maybe what this means should be defined precisely.

For example, it should be mentionned if there are extra bones, and if yes, if they can be merged with the original Epic skeleton.

More than often i have bought some character claiming to be “rigged to epic skeleton” only to discover that it has a ton of extra bones, can’t even be merged to the ES for hierarchy reasons, and having to spend a lot of time to retarget it properly.

I’m not a pro, and when i buy a character advertising to be compatible to the ES to spare me this tedious retargeting business, just to discover that i’m going to have to go through it anyway, it’s quite unpleasant.

And i’m sure most of the sellers are honest, this is just a case of miscomprehension on each part.

I end up putting 2 ou 3 stars to otherwise very good quality characters that would deserve 5/5, just because they avertise to be fully compatible and are not, so this situation is detrimental to everyone, buyers, sellers, and even the MP.

Could you do anything about that ?
For example, adding more precise categories, “contains extra bones ?” “can be merged with ES ?”, “can the ES be reassigned to the skeletal mesh ?”, “T or A pose”, things like that, would clarify a lot of things for buyers.

Also, not related, and that would hold for every asset on the MP: it would also be very useful to know the amount of disk space required by the asset.
Sometimes you buy a pack of characters and they take 500 Mo (cool), and sometimes you buy a small boat and it takes 4 Go (not cool) because of fancy 8k textures.
Of course, as most of the space is consumed by textures, the 4k/2k texture info is a good hint, but it’s not enough.
The precise size of the asset would help a lot.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Yes , i been running into this as well , i just bought one that claims to be fully compatible with Epic skeleton and has , wait for it … no less than 40 extra bones , 40.