Please enable UE4 to work with Visual Studio 2012

I know this can be done as instruction from here, but well, UE4 users have to compile the tool from its source, which is not very easy and convenient. And we are kind of lazy… (aren’t we?)
Here’re why Visual Studio 2013 is not good:

  1. Must apply some tricks to create app for windows/ windows phone 8 (by default, VS2013 support 8.1 only). Source.
  2. Very slow. Source.
  3. And some more.
    I tried VS2013 few months ago, but then I had to comeback with VS2012. So Epic, please “accept” VS2012 by default in your next release. We will thank you very much :slight_smile:

You do realise you don’t have to if you don’t want to, right? You can download the pre-compiled editor from the site.

Can’t you install them both side-by-side? I remember reading something about it being possible, but as you can tell I float from forum topic to forum topic, so it’s quite hard to find the exact link at the moment.

With the recent upgrades to VS for UE4, I doubt this will happen. That’d be like one step forward, five steps back.

I don’t mean to come off as rude, just trying to help out!

  1. This is for creating Store Apps. And only Store Apps. UE4 doesn’t even support WinRT, why is that relevant to them?
  2. This slowness is not unique for 2013. In fact, 2013 implements performance improvement over 2012. The slowness complaint is for VS in general (at least since 2010)
  3. Also not unique to 2013 (2012 is in the same boat)

Thanks for your response :smiley:

Ugh, I’m new here, so please enlighten me then :confused:

Visual Studio is kind of “disk-eater”, so I don’t think it’s good to keep both.

VS2012 can work with UE4, Epic just do not encourage it :frowning:

  1. Yes, but I have other work, which require “creating store apps”. And I don’t want to keep both on my hard disk :frowning:
    2 & 3. Yes, but trust me, I did try VS2013 for weeks (and have used VS2012 for maybe 2 years). To me, VS2012 is better. (I’m not a professional programmer or anything, but my work require it)

I don’t understand why people abandon not - too - old softwares? Am I the only one here prefer a - little - bit - old softwares, because they are mostly more stable? :frowning:

Log in to your Unreal Engine account on the Unreal Engine website, it will have links to download the installer.

Sorry, you misunderstood me. I meant if UE4 users want to work with VS2012, they have to compile the tool by themselves (as instruction on my first post). The installer on Unreal Engine website is only for users who use VS2013 or Blueprint.

While this may be a valid complaint for some software, it doesn’t apply to VS because each release ships with a newer C++ compiler that supports additional features of the ever evolving C++ standard. Once support for these additional features becomes widespread amongst the various C++ compilers Epic may start using some of those features in the engine source, at which point you will no longer be able to build using VS2012.

You already can do this: