Please enable U4 to package standalone game so we can launch it on Steam.

Hi guys,

Hope I am posting this in the right forum.
Sorry if it has to be moved :slight_smile:

For us guys with low budgets and crappy GPU’s can you guys
include an option in the packaging features that will enable us to launch a packaged standalone on STEAM (Valve)?
That would be such an amazing workaround :slight_smile:

Thank you!!

That’s not a thing—running a game through Steam will not help you if you have a cheap computer.
Also, you can add any program so that you can start it through Steam, so when you cook out your UE4 game, it’ll have a .exe program file, and you can go into Steam and add that file as a shortcut, though it won’t give any benefit.
If you want to sell through Steam then you have to go through the right channels

O.k. thank you darthviper. Bummer :slight_smile:

You are correct. I just added the .exe to my Steam and launched it inside Steam. Works fine but it doesn’t run any better. :mad:

One more question on this issue. Sorry if this sounds silly. If I build a game on a slow computer and package the game … will the final product, the .exe standalone run faster and better on a faster computer … or will it still run slow because I built it on a machine with lowers specs?
Thank you.

Yes, it will run better if you run it on a better computer, it’s possible to put restrictions in so that it only runs at a certain quality, but you probably didn’t do anything like that.

No I just set the world settings inside the editor at “auto” and everything dropped to “low” in a blinding flash of light :slight_smile:
I know these settings only affects the in editor experience though and you have to set the restrictions on packaging in
another step but yeah I didn’t bother.
I was just feeling the water to get an idea.
That is good news though so if I just sweat it out and drink more coffee I can build my amazing game on my crappy GPU
but in the end I just have to find a friend with great computer and then I can either finish it off on there or
distribute to people with faster machines.
That is good to know.

Just curious if I create an installer for the packaged game if that will help it to run better.
The Unreal Tournament games run great on my machine.
Is it because they install with the editor?

No, that has nothing to do with making the game run better. The only way to make the game run better is to lower the graphical features.