Please don't screwup your community forum like Unity...

They just recently switched to that garbage Lithium forum.

That is all :wink:

yeah that thing looks horrible

vBulletin isn’t too far from that disaster either.
Unreal forums being a vBulletin feels like I’m back to the early 2000s, late 90s forums.

Of course! I have actually been recently getting feedback about the forums on this thread:

I haven’t heard too many strong arguments to leave or stay yet, but I’m all ears. Overall, vBulletin works alright, so I would want to change if there was a really good reason for it and it wouldn’t soak up our resources to implement.

Please let me know what you think!

Cool, I made that thread. :smiley:

whats the problem with vBulletin? Why change if everything works?

and so is every forum software that uses PHP:rolleyes:

I like vbulletin its a staple in forum communities, don’t see any reason to change it, but you could certainly customize/mod it some more.

And I think you should allow avatars though.

And like Unity I also think you should add board view avatars showing for thread post and last post users…

Is plenty of addons for vbulletin that will bring it upto having some of the built in features that Xenforo has… its best feature being the alerts/notification system using ajax… its by far the best feature of Xenforo and puts it ahead of the some of Western forum competition for that alone.

Anyway Unity have gone back to Xenforo, but with intentions of shoving that modern junk Lithium at us again. So maybe I might still be coming back here again… thinking of switching to Unreal next month but not sure.

I made an update to my statement on the other forum post. We’re looking into a vbulletin version 5 upgrade. I’m not planning on removing any functionality, just want to add in more without cluttering things. Let me know your feedback.

Cool! Can’t wait to see it.

Nostalgia! Isn’t it great!
I personally wish it would look like a BBS!

The one single feature I’d like to see is to be able to set “instant by email” as a new thread auto-subscribe option.

Otherwise, if it isn’t broken don’t fix it.