Please critique the images

I am still in the process of editing these views but thought I would ask for everyone’s input.

Looks nice Ziggy. You’re asking for critique… so here are a few comments. :slight_smile:

-Those hot spots from the sun would bathe the area in bounce light leaving the darker areas, not so dark.
-Side of stair texture mis-aligned.
-2nd floor feels structurally unsupported and to thin in general.
-Personally don’t buy that a new windowed building was put up flush to another older windowed brick building. Big glass windows are also usually used to let in light and that doesn’t work here with a building in the way. Seems unreal… doesn’t mean it isn’t… just ‘seems’.

There is some very weird aliasing on the shadows. Are you using a dynamic shadow solution to help sharpen the shadows where necessary, or are you doing it all through lightmass? The best result would be dynamic shadows with lightmass just for light bounces. If you are using a dynamic solution and are still having problems, I would bulk up the thin strips you have casting shadows into the room so the shadow is more pronounced.