Please create a report function on the marketplace.


I would kindly like to ask if you please can add a “report” function to the marketplace? Right now the only way to report a marketplace article is to contact Epic through the support email, so I have no idea if someone actually reads it - besides it being a very user-unfriendly way to report something.

The reason I am asking is because for multiple times I have seen assets that seemingly break the Unreal marketplace EULA. I can give an example if needed.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Just signal in you post @Unreal_Josh or send a private message, but I think the support email will grant faster response as there are more people unfolding them.

But wouldn’t a report form on the marketplace pages be better, also for Epic? As it would contain a link to the page and directly go to the responsible department / people.

Ah if you are saying about a generic feature, then I do think its a great idea.