Please create a doc about (newly added) plugins.

Hey, this is a problem I see generally, but especially now that 4.22 - which has a bunch of new plugins added to it.

For about 90% of these plugins, I have zero idea what they do - or what the benefit of having them enabled is - and I can’t really find any specific information about them either.
Most recent case is the newly added “SQLite” and “SQLite Support” plugin.

There is zero information about these plugins, how they work or how I actually use them…

I understand that some plugins are for a few specialized users, who know what these plugins do…
However, it still really sucks that there isn’t even a short description to them, nor any documentation on how to use most of these plugins, or on what the effect is of them being enabled (e.g. what feature won’t work without it).

It would be extremely helpful if you could add short descriptions - and preferably also a dedicated, detailled page in your docs about the plugins.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

This is something we’d like to do. It’ll be challenging to prioritize documenting plugins with all the other aspects of the engine, but I’ve brought it up with the team and we’ll see what we can do.

Thank you very much for this! Even just a small one or two sentence description, next to the plugins thumbnail, would already help a lot with the understanding. As of now, only some have this (and they are sometimes not very clear).

A more detailled doc could wait then, I think.