"please choose a shorter name for the asset" warining

I am trying some meshes in the content browser but I am getting an annoying error message saying:
“please choose a shorter name for the asset or create in a shallower folder structure with shallower folder names”

These meshes assets are in a “meshes” folder that is in the main root of the project, so frankly it can get shallower than this in terms of structure.

Any ideas on how to fix that issue?

bump! still no luck :frowning:

likely a windows issue.
how many sub folders is the project folder in?
There is a limit to path length.
260 chars to be exact.

only three

only three folders

If the file path doesn’t exceed the os specifications, then I have no idea why you are getting this message.

Ha, you may want to try this.
There is an option inside Editor Preferences, in Experimental, labeled
“Enable support for long paths (> 260 characters)”
I came across it while enabling procedural foliage of all things.

ok thanks, will try that