Please Check My Specs!

Hi all,

I’m trying to build a nice new machine specifically for mapping and environment work in UE4. I’m keen to spend my money wisely. At the moment, I’m looking at the following. Are there any ways I can make this better? I’m not shy of spending an extra $400-$500 if it means considerable performance lift. Also, please let me know if there’s anything brand specific I should look at. I’m thinking about a Titan…



Very nice, but you still need Power Supply (around 550-600 Watts I would say), 8 to 16 (16 is good for UE4) Go of RAM and a Motherboard. Unless you are upgrading your computer^^

Nice! I would say get a well-rated 750W power supply.

You don’t need a AIO liquid cooler, especially for that processor. It’s a waste of money, and there’s a small risk of it leaking. Just get a after market cooler with good ratings.

I’ve used many of those types of coolers and they never leaked

Are you upgrading, or is it for a new PC?

And if you weren’t joking about a Titan (I assume you mean a Titan X), then go for a 980Ti instead. :slight_smile:

Other than that, the stuff you have picked out is good, although I would go for an i7, which is why I asked about upgrading, because I see no mobo there.

It’s not common, but isn’t worth the risk, especially when there’s after market air heatsinks that work just as well, for less money.

It’s not a risk, the chance that something like that will happen is less than that many other worse things would happen to your computer

It’s still not worth the price premium, a $25 air cooler would be sufficient for that processor, a $50 one if you want something super quiet.

Thanks so much for the feedback guys.
I think I’ll go the 980Ti instead of the Titan. Do we think there’s a consensus on the after market coolers?
I’m going to try and salvage some parts from my current machine, but I think I’ll end up buying all new. Is 32GB of ram overkill?

Actually since you have the budget it’s best to go with an unlocked Haswell i7. You could jump to Skylake i7 and DDR4 if you’re getting a whole new platform anyway.

980Ti should be well worth it. Make sure it’s factory overclocked with well-reviewed cooling.

For CPU after market coolers I would say buy the best Noctua air cooler you can afford.

32GB of RAM seems overkill. 256GB fast SSD with 1TB 7200rpm HDD and 16GB of RAM should complement your CPU and GPU well enough.

Don’t forget the 750W power supply. For a single-card solution 1KW is overkill but 750W (80% of better etc.) should give you the headroom, especially for overclocking the CPU and GPU.

IMHO :slight_smile:

32GB might seem overkill now but his computer will last quite long in my opinion. Since the RAM isn’t likely to drop it’s price, you can see it as an investment for the future.^^

Look simple, i like samsung 850 EVO

Hi all,

In the end, I wanted to balance the specs out so I’d get the best of all worlds.
I ended up with the following: I might upgrade ram and graphics card next year!

Thanks for all the help.

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 10.54.47 am.png

That motherboard is not compatible with that processor. CPU Socket Type AM3+ which is AMD only.

Ah, good catch. Do you have any recommendations on which one I should get instead?