Please can someone help me with my game this annoying grids and numbers are driving me Nuts! 4-27

This appears in play mode as well as in the built game I just pressed something on keyboard and this crap appeared pls help

PS this is a multi million dollar game I’m developing so I rly just need to get rid of these lines so I can make my combined version of robo recall, doom and population one vr experience please someone help and whoever helps me will get a price if the game is successful contact details can be saved for future reference.

I have a stable build with movement mechanics etc I am new to unreal but have 10 years of fame development experience through making mods for games and using notepads pls someone can help I promise I will pay if the game is successful I already have a popular YouTube channel and known by atleast 10 million people, Im not posting my channel here don’t wanna be spammed but pls someone pls I begg you just help me plass

Do these lines appear in a new, empty level? If so, then try deleting the Saved folder in your project and restarting the editor.