Please attach job titles to your names so we know who to ask what questions.

Hey Unreal Devs. I have been loving the community so far, but often times I will ask a question and the community will be unable to give me an adequate response/solution. At that point, I really want to send a message to an Unreal Dev, to ask them to come take a look at my post and to help out if they can. Unfortunately, there are 123 Dev accounts on this forum and not a one have any information about what they specifically do at Unreal. Now, I could just message any random Dev and ask them to come take a look, but if I ask a programming question to a Dev that only does art stuff, that would only waste both of our time, not only in the asking, but when the Dev has to redirect my question to a Dev with the relevant skill set. So, my request to all of you is that you attach some short snippit about what your job post/ skill set is at unreal so we can ask the relevant people our questions and not waste anyone’s time. :smiley:

Hi Knobbynobbes,

I’ll submit this for consideration but you need to be aware that the developers are not specifically here to offer one on one support.

Have you tried asking your question on the AnswerHub, you are more likely to get a quicker response there than you would here on the forums. Make sure to ask about your specific situation you are trying to solve. If you just ask someone to look at the forum post it would be counter intuitive to what AnswerHub is meant to be.

While the AnswerHub is community driven there are developers and our Engine Support Technicians that assist in solving issues along with reaching out to developers to see if we can get any feedback on pointing the user in the right direction as well.

I hope this helps!

Thank you!


Many put their job title in their signature.

Yep :smiley:

Messaging a dev on the forums is probably not going to be helpful, I very rarely check mine I’m afraid. The Answer Hub suggestion above is probably a better one!

I have private messages disabled for this reason actually. Helping someone in a private message helps that one person, but the question and answer aren’t available for other people to see or find in the future; it doesn’t add to the body of knowledge in the community. I also can’t forward that thread to someone else if they’re a better person to answer, or get comments/suggestions from others (in case someone else has a better approach, etc…).

Michael Noland

TY all, I didn’t really think of all that. I’m just not really fond of how you can’t post anything but tiny pictures on the answer hub, as I usually can’t explain my position/question as well as a screenshot can. I guess I’ll create answerhub questions and provide a link to my forum post for the detailed bulk of my question.

The image size limitations on AnswerHub are a great feedback suggestion that I’d suggest posting as a separate thread so it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

Michael Noland