Please, are you allowed to make a video from Metahuman in Unreal Engine and add additional elements and then sell it? 4-27

Hello, I have seen the awesome and amazing realistic Metahuman creator

I have been using Unreal Engine 4 since a year ago, but only as a hobby learning without making anything commercial, just testing it.

Please, I want to know if I may be allowed to use the Unreal metahumans as follows

1 - make a custom metahuman and then import it in Unreal Engine

2 - then add additional artistic elements like paintings made from me, additional 3D elements purchased in Unreal marketplace, and with objects and visual effects around the face and animate only the face ?

3 - Then with the result make a 10 seconds video render ONLY OF THE FACE and be able to SELL this as video art in a art marketplace.

It would be sold just one time so there will be no copies, and not sold multiple times.

As it is just a video of the face (without the body) , it would not of course include any of the metahuman files, textures, sources and components.

I have seen the EULA and usage rights and I am sorry that is not clear, and I have not been able to find if you can use a video rendering of the face made inside Unreal Engine with additional custom elements and then use it for commercial use.

I have seen In this link here that Videos are considered Rendered linear media that is considered a Non-Engine Product under the EULA and Revenue generated solely from Non-Engine Products is not royalty bearing.

Please can you be so kind to tell if this may be allowed to sell my rendered Video with Metahuman or not?

Thanks very much for your possible help

Hello, im looking for the answer to this exact same question, i run a digital art marketplace and some artists want to use video editing that includes faces created and animated in metahuman creator.
I would really like to know if this is allowed by UE terms or not since we of course are very strict about compliance and copyright inftingement.
Where could we get such answer?

I’m looking for an answer for this too - I’m a musician looking to use Metahumans as performers in music videos and other online content - would like to know what the licensing and royalty issues are around this.