(Please answer) Change mannique mesh keep skeleton?

I’m kinda frustrated because people won’t answer my questions ue4 answer hub, and the internet is giveing the same answer I didn’t ask, I am trying to get rid of that ue4 robot skin while keeping the skeleton so I can continue to use my ik and animations.

No, i can not use the retargeting method because, it only keep changes the animation and the foot ik system is built off of the ue4 default skeleton which is why I need another strategy to keep the skeleton and change the mesh.

My plot, using a 3d engine (blender or maya) import the mannique inside the engine, I did that with blender once I did that the bones where over sized and twisted, so I tested it and imported back into ue4, so right now its under a new skeletal mesh state, I selected the mannique skeleton, and now I get that error failed to use the skeleton message. So that tells me it has something to do with the messed up bones.

Could someone please point me to some useful facts not guessing, all I need is a tutorial on:

  1. How to untwist the ue4 skeleton bones
  2. How to remove the mesh and place another one in the bones.
  3. Size in cm of the mannique mesh, so I won’t have weight problems
  4. How to adjust the weights




  1. I guess that Blender has some issues, but Maya ( or Maya LT ) import the Mannequin rig as is, so I suggest you to work with it to be 100% sure that no twist bones are messed up
  2. Once you have the rig in Maya, you can simply build your character based on the Mannequin proportion and joints placement…I already done that and it works nicely, then in UE4 when import your new character ( that has the same exact skeletal hierarchy and joints placement ), you need to specify that the skeleton to use is the one from the UE4 mannequin…remember that you can also change the preview mesh directly from the AnimBP, using the top right button.
  3. Check that in your DCC to see if your settings are ok
  4. Just look for some tutorials online, there are plenty

Importing rigged characters from Blender to Unreal Engine has several issues. From object scale to bone hierarchy to joint orientations to name a few. I made a script to deal with some of these problems. It is a paid product but have a look anyway. It might be what you need. Otherwise you are best off going with Maya.

Forum Thread for Uefy Script:

yes i notice a major difference in blender and maya, i notice it is more built for ue4 and unity, i will certainly learn the ways of maya, ive got good with blender but it does not help with what i need far as character wise, thanks for replying and i will try what you said.

Yes! this is the movement animations i am using this is what im looking for thank you for your help :eek::D.