Please allow pull request for docs

The title says it all.

Please allow users to submit changes to docs. I know they have to be reviewed, but I believe the docs can be improved tremendously this way.
I know that there is a wiki where users can submit stuff, but that does not cut the case.
Sometimes there are small, very important details that could be added to the docs and that would save a lot of time and headaches for other people. Creating a new wiki page every time would scatter the information through the web.
It could also be that many people decide to setup their own website for tips on tricks (and detail information) on UE and its framework because its not possible to add it to the docs directly.

And on another note: Could you add advanced views to the doc pages? I understand that adding too many information on a page may make it less comprehensible, so adding all those small detail informations above may require a new view. Toggling between simple and advanced would achieve this.

One way to do it would be to put the doc files on github and generate the pages on using the github repository as a source.