Please add wishlist to market place!

Dear UE4 developers,

What i realy like to see is a wish list for packages in the market place.

So if i see for an example 4 packs i realy like, i can add them to a list so i can safe for them and buy them later on.
Would be nice if u can add packages to the list and remove them if u changed your mind.

Kind regards alex van mansom

I think at the moment that there not being a massive amount of content on the marketplace that this sort of feature is more of a wishlist item for the marketplace team themselves haha.

Later on down the road when there is a larger database of content it would become more relevant i think.

I had a wild idea regarding marketplace wishlists that i posted and somehow got listed as a poll but i got a response from Jon Jones Marketplace Content Curator who gave me feedback and said he would bring up some of my changes in the future, also mentioning that wishlist is already in the development track.

please vote on my poll.