Please add UMG bindings for Integer and Float

In UMG, you can directly bind the Text of a Text widget to a String or Text property, however it won’t let you make a direct binding to an Integer or Float property. So instead you need to create a manual binding and plug your Integer or Float into the Return Value of the function using the ToText (int) or ToText (float) nodes. It seems a bit silly to have to do this when UE4 could handle this simple conversion for you. Of course you could still use a manual binding if you need to do some other complex conversion, but for 99% of scenarios, a simple auto conversion to allow binding to an Integer or Float would save having to create all these small functions for every single Text widget in your UMG layout.

Will take it into consideration for the future, thanks!

Oh wow. That’s the first time an Epicer has replied to me. I feel like I’ve had a brush with royalty. LOL

Bump this… would be extremely helpful right now. Trying to check if available skill points are above a certain number, but the skill points are of course sent to the widget as a string… And I don’t use “cast to” because I want to be able to reuse the widget for several playable characters. Been using BPI to avoid cast to nodes from the ground up but kinda hit a brick wall on this one.

Edit: String to int… doh

I’ll have a looksy this week.

Hey that’s great. Hope its something you can figure out easily.

String -> Text is just a straight conversion.

There are many different options for formatting numeric properties into text, so that’s probably why this doesn’t exist by default.

Bindings are shit tbh.
I discourage you to use the Bindings and instead go for a Publish-Subscribe Pattern.
Bindings are executed every Render tick of the Widgets probably many times per frame because of layouts.

Yep. Even ticking is more performant than bindings, which is what I prefer to do.

I was able to implement this in a PR, see . Cheers,

Small update: My PR got accepted. Cheers,

That’s great. Thanks.