Please Add These Features | Wishlist | Video Demo Gallery | Category Listing | Related Products

There are a lot of features missing on the marketplace that should be seriously implemented if you want the marketplace to actually be profitable and successful.

Wishlist - There needs to be a feature to add certain products to a wishlist if you are planning to purchase them in the future. Because there isn’t any bookmarks we can’t exactly save these to a list and will be difficult to find these again in the future if we ever plan to buy or compare them to other products.

Video Demo Gallery - I find it distracting having to click on a video only to open it on another browser just to watch a demo of the product. It would be more convenient to have the video directly embedded to the marketplace.

Category Listing - I have noticed that when I click on a product the category that the product belongs to is nowhere to be found. For example if I click on a product it doesn’t say if they are props or models,etc. You have to click the back button just to go back and having to relook at the category. The product category should be available to see on every product we click on. For example: All Games > Sports Games > Rocket League

Related Products - I find it to be such a hassle that I have to do do repeat searches to find a related product when related products should be the same page as the product listing. For example when you go to youtube or steam there is a list of related products on the right side of the screen and if you are planning to create an FPS game there should be other related products for example: Guns > Military Vehicles + Military Props + Military Sounds and so on. The related products is at the very bottom of the page and I can assure you that most people using the marketplace don’t even realize that it even exists in the first place. The right sidebar is much easier and more convenient.

Owned Products - You also need to add the price that says [OWNED] with [OWNED - $19.99] it is hard to tell how much we paid for the product without having to go back to the purchase history on the website and it would make it far easier to know how much we spent on a certain product.

Special Sales - We also need a special sale category if a product sold at a cheaper price for a limited time. It is difficult to know if without rummaging through a huge list of products and having to search for them manually. We also should have an email notification if a certain product on our wishlist is being sold at a cheaper price than usual. For example if the price dropped from $19.99 to $9.99 that would allow use to take advantage of the opportunity and convince us more of buying it when it is available.

Recent Additions - There needs to be publishing dates and recent updates on the product listings on the item gallery because that way we can know when they had been recently added to the store and which products have bee updated to the latest version of the engine so we can know immediately if they are compatible with which versions.

I am going to add some images to this post later on so you can get a good general idea of how the marketplace can be improved. I can assure you that if these changes are added this would improve the marketplace considerably and whatever suggestions that I may have missed.

Couldn’t agree more - These are features that I need, and I can imagine other people need too!

I would also add Last update date on each product. I think that info would be usefull too.

I think they should have a copy of every single update and compatible version available. For example 4.9.2 - Updated 1/22/2015 and 4.9.2 - Updated 1/12/2015 that way we can have access to different versions of the same purchase because of compatibility issues and it would be more convenient than having to bother the developers for every single issue.