Please add the ability to start an animation sequence from certain time.

Just like you’v added an animation-rate variable to the anim sequence so we can modify it in the animation blueprint.
It would be great to have a time input next to it.
Is it possible to add it soon?

there are workaround with montages for this kind of effect.

The thing with montage is that you can’t just connect it to blend nodes like you could with animation sequences.
In order to get that effect I’m using state machine ( each time it starts a new state it will stat the animation from the beginning ).
However, I think this is a very simple thing to implement and it could make life a lot easier sometimes.

for behaviour like play animation from segment, i used combination of play anim montage -> jump to section
but it gonna jump, not blend, to blend i made play anim montage play rate very high and changed for normal one when it hit anim notify.


Yeah I thought about that too but there are more notifiers that effects the logic of the game, This is far from being a solution :\

What about Mesh->AnimationData.SavedPosition?

I’ve been using that to start playing animations from various points in their cycles. For example, for one actor that I want to start at a per-object random point in its animation, I do:

     Mesh->AnimationData.SavedPosition = AnimLengthInS * Random01;

Where Random01 is in the range[0…1] and different for each object. Then each instance of the actor is animating starting from a random point.

Thanks, Can it influence on animation sequences that are inside an animation blueprint somehow?