Please add the ability to copy curves between animation sequences

I’m setting up foot position curves for all the different walking animations for a bunch of characters and all of them are pretty much exactly the same. It would be extremely time saving to be able to just copy the curve track between the sequences or perhaps setup a curve asset and just reference that.

Thanks :slight_smile:


My firstborn to whoever does this.

Would it be possible to get a screenshot of how you set up a curve/use it?

Seems nobody uses curves at all, otherwise I can’t believe we still have such a gimpish tool with no copy, paste, export, import.

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This is a silly workaround but I had this issue and used this process for getting past it…

  • Make a copy of the animation you want to copy curves FROM
  • Export the animation you want to copy curves TO as an FBX
  • Open the copy of the animation with the curves
  • Reimport with the animation you wanted the curves copied to
  • You should now have the desired animation with curves

Hope this helps anyone that stumbles onto this thread.


Is there a request for enhancement ticket for this that I can vote on? I would really like to see this functionality too.

This is quite a workable solution, though it does feel a bit silly yes. Thanks so much!

+1 to any evaluation of this as a future feature to any Epic folks looking at this. Please and thank you!

I’m using const_cast in C++ to force a copy.

void CopyCurve(UAnimSequence * dst、UAnimSequence * src)
     const FRawCurveTracks&srcCurveTracks = src-> GetCurveData();
     const FRawCurveTracks&curveTracks = dst-> GetCurveData();
     FRawCurveTracks&dstCurveTracks = const_cast <FRawCurveTracks&>(curveTracks);
     dstCurveTracks = srcCurveTracks;

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+1 agree

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You can do it using AnimModifier Blueprints. I’m using it to copy ARKit face animations from one animation to another.


Here is the copy curves anim modifier from ALS V4, I changed it a little so that the “copy all curves” toggle works.
Copy_Curves.COPY (98.8 KB)


This is killing me. Life would be 1013932973297239237923923e12x easier.

This was added recently (.25 I think).
You just open the curve, select all the points, Copy, create the new curve, and paste.

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Facial BlendShapes has 50+ curves.
You’d have to create 50+ curves and paste them just for one single face animation.
Imagine doing this for 50 animations across 50 characters = 125,000 copy and paste jobs.

That’s if it even worked to begin with (it doesn’t, I just tried it)

You must be doing something wrong. I copied some foot IK curves yesterday. Worked fine.

If you are working with 50 shapes/curves you should probably not do it in engine…

It’s not an if, Everyone who uses Apple ARKIT/Facial animation blendshapes is using at least 50 curves.

You can’t copy that curve data from one animation to the other.

I can copy translation and rotation curves for animations from one to another, but it seems as the BlendShapes curves aren’t possible. Unless of course i’m missing something.

Rather than just telling me i’m doing it wrong, if you have input on how to do it or what steps to take, i’m all ears.

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What steps?
You open the curve, select the points and copy.
Then create a new curve and paste.

I wouldn’t want to do that 50 times either, but then your (or who’s ever) feedback shouldn’t be about the ability to copy and paste as much as the ability to copy and paste all off a source file.

Either way you shouldn’t be doing this in engine. You can open the fbx in blender and copy all 50 curves instantly, so why waste time?

@rent_treznor is right, read your messages before posting, he is asking for a simple but very useful feature and you are saying that the feature exists in other programs, he just want to click on a curve, press ctrl c then ctrl v to create a new one with an _1 after the name and the same data

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No. I said that the feature currently exists.

It was added by the new animation stuff in .24, so recently.

And it let’s you do exactly what you said, more or less.

You still did not get it, see:

What we have:

  • Open a curve → Select all points → Copy → Go to the other anim file → Click in Options Button → Hover Add Curve → Find your exact curve → Open it → Paste

What he is asking, and would help me too:

  • Click on a curve → Copy → Go to other anim file → Paste