Please Add Support for Different Ad Networks (Instead of Google AdMob Being the Only Choice)

Hi. It seems like the Google AdMob network is the only one that is currently supported/integrated into Unreal Engine. Is there a way to add support for more?

I have some cash balance in Unity Ads from previous games I’ve released with Unity. Now I’m switching over to Unreal Engine and would love to keep using the Unity Ads network. Based on my old research, Unity Ads pays more than Google AdMob (most of the time), so it was the recommended approach. There may be other reasons for people to use Vungle, AdColony, MoPub, etc…

Everything seems to be great in my indie transition from Unity to UE, except for the ad monetization network. I do not want to lose the years of earnings on Unity Ads. If I as a developer am given a choice of advertising network (as with the Unity engine), I would be much more willing to proceed.


Yes, there is an Admob + mediation plugin on [Unreal Admob Plugin]. check it out and it is free.