Please add Reply notifications on Marketplace, and Reply to Question ability

I do not like having to buy assets, but It’s very helpful that when I have to buy - we can Ask questions and Leave reviews.

But it’s unproductive to ask a question for 5 similar products during a sale, then not know when we’re replied to. Or devs who are gone, but reply weeks later and it’s important.

Thus please add at the Marketplace website:

  1. Bell icon notification when we receive Answers, Replies, Helpful likes (Checkbox for each)
  2. Optional checkboxes: receive emails for the same.
  3. Sellers requested the same emails, and emails when they are Asked questions/Replies.
  1. [Edit 2023: The system only allows Buyers (key icon) to reply to Questions, but viewers cannot, which may be fair? Is is best that Viewers post a new question if they need to ask for clarification to a prior dev answer that they cant reply to?]
  • Org #4: I see some people replied to Questions (e.g. Dev answered, Buyer replied), yet I dont see how. Please re-add.

These forums already have the features I request. Thus please add it to Marketplace. Ty.



This is would really help. I have asked countless questions about products, I have no idea if I have received a reply or not


No, seriously, please EPIC.

Second that. I asked questions and then forgot which one I asked. I couldn’t understand why there isn’t any notification when questions are answered, not on the marketplace, no email. unbelievable!! Since Epic has got the notification system for asset publishers to be notified when there’s question, i guess, why not just add users to that? You have our contact info anyway.


Publishers also need the Notifications for Questions and Reviews to their products.

This is part of this communication issue. I don’t buy products when my questions go unanswered. In the interim, I highly recommend Publishers check their products for questions and answer them. You are missing sells.