Please add *real* datetime to forum posts

Hey Epic guys (mostly forum admins),

Can we please have a real datetime for our forum posts? the current “2 weeks ago” or “1 day ago” isn’t really useful at all. Right now what we get is this as you know:

Was the second post 2 minutes after the first one? or was it 23 hours after?
Was the last post really 1 day later than the first 2? or was it 5 minutes later?

To put it short, the current time labels are too vague that not having them doesn’t hurt compare to what we have now. If you still are not sure, see this one:

The one above is more like VB is humoring with us, we have the week, we also have the exact hour/minute, we just have to go and figure out which one of the 7 days of the week was it.

There is also a second problem with it, the hour/minutes now will go out-of-date very very soon, I mean when you’re reading a post saying 2 minutes ago, it could actually be 15minutes ago depending on when was the time that you last refreshed your page. A real date time, like almost any other website, i.e. “2014, Apr 11 at 10:33 am”, now that will never go out of date, and it is always relevant.

The answerhub module already is almost the same, but when you hover the mouse over the date, it gives you an exact time as tooltip:

Those labels are also alive over at answerhub, and you don’t have to refresh your page constantly.

**Now I know both answerhub and vBulletin are just modules that you’re using, but I also know that fixing this issue would take 10 seconds most from you guys considering the vBulletin control panel, so please, can you guys take care of this so we can have some datetimes that are actually helpful?

Thanks in advance.**

Is it really not annoying to others? really?

Anyway, while I feel the reasons were legit enough, but can we please hear an update on this, to whether it’s going to be fixed (which again takes only seconds, not even minutes), or should we try to get used to it the way it is?

I find it annoying too sometimes. But i can live with it if they dont fix it right away.

I dunno why you pay attention to it. I do a new post search every few hours and i mark the forum as read.

However yes i agree it wouldn’t hurt to change that.

@Adam Davis can we?

Hi everyone,

I do like the idea of having more specific times on the forums. I will pass this information along to be assessed. Even something like just having the exact date would be a good idea! Thanks everyone!

Thanks Adam, I sure hope it happens soon, though I think the times are also as important, even the user has to go to his control panel to manually enable it, but anyway, thanks for considering this.

I agree on having the date and time shown…so i just went ahead and changed it. :slight_smile:

Sweet! Thanks. :slight_smile:

Nice, thx :smiley:

Thanks very much, you don’t know how much that was annoying me when browsing the forums. Where should I send the flowers? :slight_smile: Thanks again.

Now add an option to select our time zone and switch to 24 hour time as the time it shows makes no sense at all for me :V

You can select your time zone in your settings:


What about 24 hour time?

The only way I know of to change that changes it for everyone and I am not willing to force 24hr time on everyone.

Are there no plugins for vBulletin that allow user defined time formats? I know smf has it so it would make sense if this forum software had it too.

It will be cool to have an option, not “hardcoded” one. Previous variant with “how much time ago” was too pretty :frowning:

By the way, the best variant is working on Answes Hub.

I would like also to have a dark theme for the forum.

That’s not really related to the topic of this thread, but it’s been requested previously and I believe it’s on the backlog. Creating an entire new theme is a little more involved than changing one setting so it may take some time.

Hey Jeff,

The bad time labels have come back, within the last few hours it seems. Was it by mistake or intentionally? If the latter, is it going to stay this way for the forseeable future or maybe it’s just temporary? Thanks.

Hi Farshad12,

We are not seeing the problem right now, but we did hear a report internally that someone noticed the same thing a few hours ago. It may have been a fluke. Do you still see the times listed the “old” way?