Please add Motion Vector pass,World position in G-buffer

Please add Motion Vector pass,World position in G-buffer
and Please remove numbers in custom stencil pass while exporting to openexr.

This might help many users using UE to make animation films.

That’s a very specific request. Have you considered investing in implementing it yourself?

Thanks for your reply.
I am very instresting in investing this passes, but I don’t know how to develop plugin or modify ue source code.
I am using UE to make and render animations, but we need to composite in fusion, nuke or some other.
Motion Vector is very common render pass. helps reproduce motion blur in composite software, World position helps relight or reproduce 3d point cloud informations.
Custom stencil seems like objID pass, and needs to remove numbers while exporting openexr.
So please take these passes into account if is possible!! Thanks.

Also talked about in Pixel Tracking Methods: Optical Flow Methods - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums

This feature would be quite convenient.

I posted a comment a while ago:

Unfortunatelly I don’t think this command works anymore (VisualizeTexture GBufferVelocity RGB UV0), and even if it did, it probably couldn’t export the image in high bitdepth so it would be pretty useless.

About the custom stencil numbers, you can actually remove those, heres how: Custom Stencil pass, numbers - Cinematics & Media - Unreal Engine Forums

About custom-stencil-pass-numbers, I am also using postprocess material to get this this pure color as ID, and get no numbers any more, but I need to render them in two render process. some thing like cloth trees, they can’t do the same move in 2 render process.
So It’s no use while your scene have cloth or trees.

Well this isn’t a post process material. Its actual custom stencil material, and once you edit it like shown in the thread I linked above, the numbers are removed. Then just select your render passes in sequencer and it will render them at once (Final Image + … + Custom Stencil (this is your ID pass, which now doesn’t contain numbers) )

The picture in the thread might not be that clear, but only thing you need is to input the Multiply node (from left) into the Default slot (right).

Wooooh, It actually CAN!!!
Thanks Bro! You are awesome!