Please add more options over what writes to the scene depth, custom depth and stencil buffers.

Hello there,

It would be super useful to have full control over which meshes write to the various depth buffers.

Let me be try to be a little more specific and give you some use case examples.

First of all, it would be extremely convenient if we could force translucent meshes to write to the scene buffer without the need to write to the custom depth buffer via a duplicate opaque mesh, there is no reason why this should not be possible (afaik).

Secondly, it would be extremely useful to me if there was a boolean option for the various post process effects (like DOF, atmospheric fog etc.) which are using the scene depth to also be able to read the custom depth if we so desire.
Currently I’m forced to edit quite a few .usf files to be able to do that and it’s kind of a pain because the scene depth is used in many places (basically I have to add min(sceneDepth, customDepth) instead of just scene depth wherever it’s needed) and the .usf files change with every new engine version too so I will have to do that every time.

A common use case for this would be an ocean/lake mesh… DOF, atmospheric fog and anything else that needs to read from the scene depth is simply not working properly with translucent meshes.

And lastly… -and I’m not sure if that is possible but…- it would be cool to have something like optional stencil channel priority.
For example force a mesh marked to write in stencil channel #5 to write always on top of all other stencil channels).

That would allow for interesting effects :stuck_out_tongue: