Please add Exception Handling node(s) in Blueprints

Basically, it would be a super useful feature for Blueprints


whatever else anyone can think of

I know we have the LogText node, Error log, BP Break on Exceptions and Functional Tests for Frontend (which is poorly or non-existent in docs btw), but sometimes there are things that do work but shouldn’t.


This would be very helpful.

This have been requested so many times, apparently Epic isn’t interested.
So I began developing my own Try / Catch library for Blueprints:

Basic functionality is there, the problem will be to find a reasonable way to catch *Casting *failures.
I want to implement for Blueprints the default exceptions library that can be used on dotNET code, (instead of enabling exceptions for C++ compiler):

Looks sweet. Another Plugin under your belt :wink:

Took me around 70 C++ classes to make some 20ish nodes.

If you have Visual Studio debugger attached when an exception node catches something, the node will notify Visual Studio to break an auto break point on C++ side, for programmers to track what happened, besides designers tracking breakpoints on blueprint graphs as well…

Seems promising so far, I sent source code to EpicGames for review:

Marketplace team already published this.
This one was fast :0

My initial intention was to make this free, but took way to much longer than I thought would take to make these nodes :stuck_out_tongue:

[USER=“434”]BrUnO XaVIeR[/USER]

Hey Bruno,

Your Try / Catch plugin is for Runtime errors, or it can help with Compilation-Errors during Packaging & Builds too?
Running in PIE unhelpfully covers up errors that the packaging process bombs out on, especially regarding Plugins.
Its time consuming to track down calls across dormant BP’s. Example: Destructible-meshes now being a Plugin etc.
In the build process it’d help to have Plugin-calls fail gracefully (if DM plugin not exist, then don’t compile DM nodes)…

It’s only runtime.
But if the packaged game is running with Visual Studio debugger attached, a catch will rise a breakpoint + log
Visual Studio then will pause the game and jump to the code in try/catch node where the exception was triggered.

[USER=“434”]BrUnO XaVIeR[/USER]

Pity… Any plans to extend your plugin to ‘Packaging Compilation’, or would it even be possible…
The fact is, the way the Compiler works in Packaging is far stricter than in PIE. Any ideas why?..
BP would be more robust if you could code in branches such as: if plugin installed / exists then
That way, in future Project / Engine versions, if a Plugin update isn’t available, Builds don’t FAIL.

Creating nodes to check if a module exists is easy.

Extending UBT is not.
There’s no easy way to make UBT ignore a plugin that is missing if your Blueprints are wired to that plugin.

Somewhere this month I’m going to submit an update with support for custom exception handler classes that can be coded as Blueprints (just override the “Throw” event of the class in anyway you want):