Please add command line access for matinee movie.

For UE4, like in UDK with the command “startmoviecapture”

Or really any other way to access the movie function would be awesome, C++, bp.

This would be awesome. I’d love to access low level renders/frames from the code in-game.

Can’t you do that with Blueprints?

Nope, Here is an answerhub where I have tried a few different methods. Unless I am missing something there isn’t a way to record the screen from a packaged / launched game. If you know of another way please let me know!

Sounds like that command line is just disabled for packaged games

Why would they remove such a useful command? This is very frustrating. It seems silly that in an engine with the capability to render out a video I am going to have to use a third party screen capturing software to get the job done.

That’s one thing that bothers me about the engine, many things are disabled in certain situations, like SSR for VR, just because performance would not be that great, not because it’s a technical issue.