Please add attributes to CreateSession in Blueprints.

Sure would be nice is the blueprint node CreateSession (and FindSession) had an input for the session name, and an input of a key-value pairs for session attributes for searching.

+1 to this… setting the session name is pretty essential.

Also since we are talking about sessions in blueprints, we really need blueprint support for user identification… a bare minimum should be the steam id (not nickname! since that can be changed any time) otherwise you can’t have any kind of reliable data saving.

Any further exposure of the online subsystem to blueprints gets a big +1 from me.

Hi SND R Keene,

Thank you for your request, we will take this into consideration.

My projects are 100% Blueprints. I would be in favor of exposure to all the functionality in Blueprints required to get a multiplayer game working over the Internet, with and without need of a Online Subsystem.

check this out

Thanks CriErr, I’ll review. Ill be honest, I’m reluctant to add a 3rd party Plugin in such a manner due to all the grief with each UE4 update (ie JSON Query). Would prefer an official UE4 solution or add the plugin to the Epic distribution of the engine.