Please add a "Hide All" toggle for Projects and Vault

There are some instances (especially while Live Streaming), that I want my projects to not show up (especially if they are under NDA), same with vault stuff also. Basically, I’d like to be able to toggle real quick to hide everything or maybe even be able to mark certain projects as “NDA” and when I click the “Hide NDA Projects” (Doesn’t have to be called NDA, can be called “Sensitive” or whatever) it will hide those projects.

Basically I have to do this which isn’t terrible…but still I feel should be standard, considering it is Game Dev.

+1 To this! I create blank projects in my backup hdds and migrate my done projects in there for backup (so it only copies the necessary assets). However now in Epic Game Launcher under My projects I see both copies and I would like to remove the backup copy from showing up in there. But the only option is to remove the project completely and delete it whereas I just want to remove the entry of that project from My Projects.

Can’t believe 2 years later this still hasnt been added.