Plea - Please Do Not Remove Old Tonemapper!

Hello everyone and dear Epic.

We are all well aware of new tone mapper changes that arrived with 4.15, which unfortunately broke the emissive sci-fi bloom completely on my side.

This is now impossible to achieve:

No matter which option I try in forums, just like almost everyone, I am not pleased aswell. Most of the cases I need the simple Neon Light for my particles and materials. But everything I have right now is ruined.
Don’t get me wrong. I KNOW some people needed this change as in a realism perspective, the change makes sense. But the sacrifice is too much.

As someone who is not working on realistic titles by any means, it feels like the change is completely forced upon me, without asking my opinion about it at all. It feels like an Eye Adaptation feature forced upon me even I don’t want or need it.
What if you suddenly said “Hey Unreal 4 is from now on Forward Rendering and we are losing the current rendering option completely.”, what would people feel?

So please hear me out.

Do not get rid of the old tonemapper. Some of us need it. I am not asking you to revert changes, but PLEASE don’t delete the old one. Make it an option like we have for Eye Adaptation in Project Settings.

If you don’t want to have it as a Project Settings (because you hate it so much?), at least don’t delete the execute command option. There is nothing to gain from that!

If you are really aimed at removing the old tonemapper, PLEASE teach us how to get the old bloom settings with the new tonemapper. At least do this!

I appreciate your time and reading.


I believe next week (depending on availability of the people involved) there will be a Twitch stream over the new tonemapper that covers why it changed and how to use the new settings. We are also working on more in-depth documentation for the new tonemapper, but I don’t have an exact ETA on that being available yet.

Or, it could be tomorrow…

Hello, thanks for the stream!

If possible, please check out this thread
I’m pretty sure that majority of concerns and questions already collected there

Thanks again!

Add a new material input “Glow” (and all the back end work ofcourse) that works separately from emissive.
Problems solved.

Id vote for that in a heartbeat.

This is amazing news Mr ! I just hope you guys and ladies cover the old-style bloom part aswell. It would be sad if the alternate way to achieve such effect would be disregarded forever.