Plea for Epic to Release the Paragon Code

Dear Epic,

You are awesome for releasing the art assets for Paragon and we know that you don’t owe us anything. However, we are begging that you release the source code for Paragon.

Your loyal developers below.

Talking about getting an inch…

Unreal Tournament has long history, maybe Paragon code base has has newer mind / modern style
If it’s possible that willbe best tutorial to Unreal Engine, especially Client-Server Side
If it’s not possible for some reason, please release some map file for the coders, it’s only about design, and especially there is no complete level design inside marketplace

I would be interested in seeing how the speed and orientation warping animation nodes used for Paragon compare to some I made myself and those released by Sean Chen ( ).

Otherwise, not fussed.
You can already hear the asset flippers drooling over the assets… why make their life any easier by handing them an entire game to flip :expressionless:

I’m also interested about the source code of paragon. It will be useful for me to develop a online game with unreal network system. Unreal Tournament is still missing the server code. Unreal Dedicated Server can not support two many players to play together. How can I to make it possible?

I am interested in the networking code, but any code and/or scripts would be cool. The UT project has been on a downhill slope almost ever since it started. If Epic wants to showcase their engine with C++/BP examples, Paragon or Fortnite are the only 2 objectively useful resources.

CC: @Amanda.Bott (it’d be awesome if this thread gained some traction and helped changed your colleagues’ minds)

I personally am sure that almost all asset-flippers wouldn’t even know how to use source-code to create a game.

Problem is, a lot of the code will have likely been shared between Paragon and Fortnite. Given how many people are losing their Epic accounts to Fortnite hackers recently, it’s not a stretch to see how people could use it to build cheats for Fortnite too.

Additionally, Paragon and Fornite are built using Epic’s own online back-end, which for obvious reasons isn’t made available to the public (even in Unreal Tournament). I’m all for it as it would be a fantastic up-to-date sample and a good demonstration of how to use the GAS, but can’t see it happening - just seems a big risk for them.

I just want those SFX personally…

Zak told at stream today, that they are going to at least integration all the animation tech from Paragon into main engine.