PlayStation 4 Controller Wrapper/Hook?

Although UE4 works very well with the majority of Gamepads, there doesn’t appear to be a PC-based specific tool for hooking into the PS4 controller, such as gaining access to it’s light-bar, touchpad, motion sensor etc. Maybe Sony isn’t exploring the PC Market with their controller the same way Microsoft do, but I feel like this is something we’re missing.

I know the ins-and-outs of getting a Sony (well, PS4) Devkit, but is it not possible to have a wrapper than hooks into the controller and exposes the inputs to UE4 without one? The DS4 tool exists with source code that exposes all of the controllers parameters, does anybody fancy having a pop at it? It’d be quite nice to simply plug colours into a Blueprint node that feeds back to the relative controller.

NB: This is something I’d pay for on Marketplace :wink:

I know this thread is ancient but I’d like to know this as well, namely because I want to map the PS4’s touchpad to an input axis.

Xinput on PC dont support either touch pad as well as light or even motion control (wrapper usally add them as extra axis on controller), it also currently don’t support trigger vibration from XboxOne controller, it would need extra code in UE4 to support non-Xinput features and i don’t think Epic gonna do that officially. Linux is diffremt story, kernel drivers for DS4 supports those features out of the box and plug those in to Linux subsystems for motiontion controls, touchpad and as well RGB LED controls.

so if UE4 gonna support kernel features (at least motion controls, UE4 don’t have either support for LED and screenless touchpad) or use library that support those they should work out of the box

If I am not mistaken certified PS4 devs get access to a special Git version of the engine
Can that make use of the touchpad / light on thw devkit at least?

Ofcrose but thats via PS4 APIs, it will only work on PS4

That is all I needed to know, thanks! =)

Necro thread alert… Lucky for me somebody at work wrote a wrapper based on the source code provided by the DS-Fix or whatever it’s called (this week in fact)

Cool, i’m looking for this. Can you give the link please?

Unfortuantely no, I was wrong at the time too. The .dll is actually from the PS4 dev libraries, and you need that to use the controller properly. It’s also against the TOC’s to distribute it, and I think whatever I had never worked anyway.

Register as a Sony dev (you must be a registered company, I believe) to get access.

This is a lot easier than you guys are thinking. There 2 drivers you can install that microsoft supports for the Xbox controllers that work with the Playstation 4 controllers. I use them currently. It gives you access to the Lightbar and all the controller information via a control panel on your desktop. However, If you’re asking about, how you would setup in-game data for the lightbar and such you need to have the Dev-Tools that SONY offers when you become a certified developer for SONY. Other than that there is no way to customize the settings for a PS4 Controller In the Editor.

Old post…

And? It still shows up in google search, so if others are looking for answers this can still help people. Just because its old doesn’t mean it depletes its value of information.

You’re right but we’ve had a lot of really old posts being bumped lately which brings outdated information to the top of the forums.

Anyway we pretty much answered the question prior - just register as a Sony dev to get full access properly.

I understand, isn’t there a way to close the forums tho so people can’t reply to old forums?