PlaySound() when the host on the listen server

PlaySound() automatically replicates to all clients when played on an actor that is replicated.

How would i play the sound so that only that it doesn’t replicate. An example would be if the sound is of a projectile hitting the pawn (which is simulated for the sake of the example), so it doesn’t need to be replicated.

Thanks in advance.

I guess I should have just looked at the method signature before posting here. The second param does what i need:

 * Play a sound.  Creates an AudioComponent only if the sound is determined to be audible, and replicates the sound to clients based on optional flags
 * @param InSoundCue - the sound to play
 * @param bNotReplicated (opt) - sound is considered only for players on this machine (supercedes other flags)
 * @param bNoRepToOwner (opt) - sound is not replicated to the Owner of this Actor (typically for Inventory sounds)
 * @param bStopWhenOwnerDestroyed (opt) - whether the sound should cut out early if the playing Actor is destroyed
 * @param SoundLocation (opt) - alternate location to play the sound instead of this Actor's Location
 * @param bNoRepToRelevant (opt) - sound is not replicated to clients for which this Actor is relevant (for important sounds that are locally simulated when possible)
native noexport final function PlaySound(SoundCue InSoundCue, optional bool bNotReplicated, optional bool bNoRepToOwner, optional bool bStopWhenOwnerDestroyed, optional vector SoundLocation, optional bool bNoRepToRelevant);