PLAYNE : The Meditation Game

Hello Unreal Community,

I’m developing Playne, a game designed to teach players a simple meditation technique and help them build a mindfulness practice. There are no loot drops, explosions or boss battles, so it’s not a traditional game.

About Playne:

  • Designed to help players get calm and relaxed
  • Experience all the benefits of mindfulness
  • Helps players to build a consistent mindfulness practise
  • The gameplay is driven by the players meditation practice
  • Game world grows from a barren landscape to a lush one as the player meditates
  • Discover the story of Playne as you progress

Playne Evolve:

  • End game unlock
  • 4sq Km open world island that player can explore
  • Plant seeds, which grow into trees and the trees grow into forests
  • All powered by your meditations

The Results

  • 98% of players felt calmer and more relaxed after playing Playne
  • 95% of players found the meditation technique easy to understand and practise
  • 80% of players successfully built a habit of mindfulness using Playne

I was considering posting this under ‘completed’ projects, but my game is still Early Access and there is still work to be done so I thought I would post it here.

Thank you Unreal
I’m so grateful to Epic for making such a beautiful, open, engine. Without unreal (and the community) Playne wouldn’t be possible. I don’t come from a game development background, I’m not a coder, so it took me months to get my head around the engine, but it was worth every single hair pulled out. I’m also grateful to the unreal community who has helped me answer all those stupid questions (there will be more)

Trailer for Playne

Some reviews from our players.

Here are some early reviews of Playne from our players:

“I never would have considered to practise meditation if it wasn’t for this game. As someone struggling with anxiety disorder, I usually have a hard time controlling my thoughts and feelings, but this game actually helps me to come at ease whenever I need it and for that I am very grateful.” - Senugia

“the moment I started “playing” this game I changed my mind, and I will definitely use these methods to help myself not only in critical moments but also in everyday life, just to make myself feel better. I’d definitely recommend this game to everyone.” - Aga I My, Steam Curator

“Good choice for anyone that wants to start or re-start a daily meditation routine and feels the need for a little motivational aid” - 711

“before this app, I didn’t meditate at all. Since I started meditating with Playne, I only missed one day over the last 60 days or so” - Drone-Ah

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