Playing with respawn logic, help is appreciated

Please see attached:

I have a player blueprint that calls another blueprint event. This works just fine for one respawn. If I respawn a second time, I get a null type error, but to be completely honest I’m not sure how to make it find that player again. I thought that doing it this way would work, but for some reason it’s not triggering the “Get pawn” the second time. Any guidance is appreciated.

Picture 1 is the player blueprint, picture 2 is the playerstart blueprint, picture 3 is the “None” error.

EDIT: Again, I just figured it out by playing with things… I replaced the “Get Player Pawn” with “Get all actors in class” and assigned the default player class, boom. Got it. I do want to know if this is a bad logic, for learning purposes, at anyone’s earliest convenience. :slight_smile: